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Cherish what is yours!


How often do we take for granted the things in this life that we should hold most dear?

I’m not keen on the idea of using philosophy and intellectual jargon to get my point across, so I won’t.

I have been thinking a lot lately, however, about how often we take for granted the things that should be most important to us! Whether those things are important to others is not the point, whether or not they hold value to you is.

How many times, in stressful situations or crowded places do we allow ourselves to betray our own values and our own core beliefs? How many times do we ignore those we love because “I can talk to them later,” as though later is guaranteed?

I don’t look myself in these things, rather I look for who I am created to be in my God; though the importance of these things is not diminished by that! We are certainly responsible for how we maintain our lives and the greater pieces of our lives.

If I do not hold on to my values when I am in stressful situations, or when I am in a room full of people having to fight the fleshly urge to conform, then do I really value them at all? If I do not provide for, whether emotionally or spiritually, the people I love then do I really love them at all? To say that I do, and to show that I do are two very different things.

Words are empty vessels if there is no action to make them evident! In other words; Speaking it, requires doing it. If I cherish my values, and I say that I do, then I should uphold them. If say that I love my fiancee, then I should prove it. If I say something, anything, it should be proven. These things should be evident in us, so that we are not speaking empty words to hopeful hearts; including our own!

If we truly value something, nothing can remove us from the responsibility we have in upholding that thing.

I have spent the past several weeks working insane amounts of hours, on little to no sleep at all, and have several times found myself at odds with myself; fighting against myself to maintain the very things that I value and love the most.

Is this because I do not value or love those things, no. Rather it is because lack of sleep is detrimental to one’s health, it doesn’t help with maintaining our responsibilities either. I did find, however, that in the midst of it, I hated that I was finding myself so weak in the midst of the thing. I should know better, and I should be stronger.

It IS who I am created to be! He said that we are “more than conquerors in Christ.” We are created to be overcomers, not to be overcome.. However, that feels less evident when you’re going on only an hour or two of sleep in the greater part of three to four days.. But God is not lost in this! He DOES do what He says He will do! His Word is ALWAYS followed by action; whether on His part, or ours! We do also have a responsibility to uphold our faith, and I will even say to you that it is the most important responsibility that we have.

So why then, even though I know better and am stronger than that, would I let the lack of sleep cause me to question my ability to maintain the things that I value the most? I shouldn’t! I won’t! I rebuke it!

Why do we allow simple, small, and meaningless things to put us in a position of doubt and of fear? What do we have to lose to those things? What harm can a stressful situation really do if I do not give it the power to be stressful over me?

The joy of the Lord is my strength, even in those situations that my own mind might want to allow to cause me stress. He said to “be joyful” when we are tested! There is strength in that! It “produces patience,” it builds perseverance! Be strong, not beaten!

We are called to walk on the water, not to drown in it!

Just some thoughts…

– Joshua

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