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Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Huh?



Oh how often we find ourselves disappointed because things aren’t going our way.. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought today, and for the most part I can say that I really don’t pursue that many things that are unobtainable or beyond my grasp.

How often do we pursue things, however obtainable they may or may not be, and become disappointed when we don’t get them? How often do we find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed, worried, angry, saddened, and a range of other emotions because things simply aren’t the way we want them to be?

It’s a simple concept really, overcoming this. Simply learn to keep in check what it is that you strive for. As children of God this is especially important, but it is also a concept that can be applied by anyone regardless of their faith or lack thereof.

Instead of drowning ourselves in material and worldly desires, we could train ourselves to “be content with such things as we have,” and completely eliminate the possibility of disappointment whatsoever.

Am I saying that we should strive for nothing, so that we aren’t disappointed? Certainly not! Rather, I am saying that we should learn to balance our heart’s pursuits!

Maybe instead of breaking our bank because we want this, or that, we should begin spending our money wisely so that we do not put ourselves in a position to be without. Maybe instead of letting celebrities, news, and our peers tell us what we should want because it’s what is “in fashion,” we should regulate ourselves and not spend so much time worrying about what we look like. Perhaps, instead of allowing the world to conform us to its ideals of what we should be and want, and what we should do, we should just I don’t know.. not do that..

Leaning on the ideas, the values and principles of a world that would only have your money and does not actually value you aside from that will honestly get you nowhere anyway.

Why do we care to pursue material things, based on the insistence of culture and generational desire, rather seek the things that add actual value to our lives?

I say this as a child of God, but the truth is that you do not have to be a Christian to apply this principle to your life. So, before you disregard this because, “Oh my goodness he’s talking about God,” try understanding that I do not hold myself above anyone and I have no right to tell you how to live your life; you are free to choose who you will serve, and I am obligated to oblige you in that. I do, however, hope that most of you will see what I have and know that love! But whether or not you do, I love you anyway, and I assure you that this will work for you too!

In a world where Ferrari and Dolce and Gabbana are symbols of status, everyone wants a bite of the golden fish! But you take away the need, the hunger, to be a part of that world and you will find yourself in a place that holds value and principle far above fancy clothes and financial hierarchy!

You see it all of the time! Just spend five minutes in a high school, any high school, and you will see a mirror image of the world we live in!

Whether it is the Jocks, who we will say are the wealthy elite; the cheerleaders, who are successful business entrepreneurs and celebrities that everyone wants to know; the nerds, who are the forefront of technological advancement; the hipsters, who are the eccentric and  liberal majority; the quiet kids, who are the poor and the unnoticed.

You watch how their lives play out every single day, from the time they walk into those doors in the morning until the time that they leave in the afternoon, and you will see an exact copy of the much larger world outside of those doors!

Looking at that example as I type it, I can’t help but wonder if the majority of us ever really grow up at all.. We like to think that we do.. But then, paying bills makes me an adult as much as being able to swim makes me a fish. I suppose it’s good I’m not a fish, the world would likely eat me like a gold plated sturgeon straight out of Valhalla, or wherever it is that these people come up with their ever changing trends.. I’m not about that life! No thanks!

I do speak seriously, though.. I mean, at what point did we stop being teenagers and start being adults? Paying bills and having jobs certainly didn’t suddenly make us become adults.. Age certainly doesn’t account for maturity – seriously just go outside and you’ll see perfect examples of that just about everywhere you look – in fact, one could even argue that we live the same immature hierarchy that we did in high school, and many are fueled by the very same hunger to fit in that drove them wild in those days..

But the quiet kids just sit in their corner and focus on school work, which is why they were valedictorians and we were all hungry to get to college so we could fit in there too.. Much like those who are content just sit in their corner, and live their lives happily content with where they are; while the rest scramble to have the newest clothes, cars, handbags, jewelry, and the fanciest beard..

Am I wrong? Please, let me know if I am! But I don’t think so. No.. I think that if you pay attention for a few days you’ll really start to see it. Nothing really changes. We exchange high school for a workplace, but we still have the same desire to find the niche that will get us the most attention.

I look at some of the people I went to high school with and I am proud to see them posting pictures with their families; though we may not have talked much, everyone knew everyone in my small town school, so it’s nice to see that they have lives and families.. Then, the very next day I’ll see pictures and posts about the “totally lit” party they went to the night before, and I am immediately thrust back into the days of high school to relive hearing those exact words nine years ago.. I see the same drama, the same foolishness and immaturity, and I wonder what makes us think that we are actually grown up?

Why is it so important to go to parties that are “totally lit,” or to have the newest and shiniest things; not much different than a 3 year old crying for a new toy, we throw a tantrum when we don’t get our way.

Where have the values gone? What ever happened to principles and why in the world are people so bummed about chivalry being dead?! Would they even know chivalry if it hit them in the face?

I’m assuming, though, that people who cry and need safe spaces because someone they don’t like was elected into office don’t have much of an understanding of what any of the aforementioned things are anyway. I’m sorry, but we don’t always get what we want. You know what, no I’m not sorry! That’s life! Get used to it!

Try pursuing some actual value, instead of fighting and clawing to blend in with the status quo.. Skinny jeans, plaid shirts, and well groomed beards don’t make you who you are, and yoga pants certainly don’t define you! I promise that Dolce and Gabbana, or Lacoste won’t make you a better person!

Kindness, empathy, mercy, having a gentle heart, helping to those who are in need, all of these things build true value; whether you’re a child of God or not! It still works hombre!

Then again, I don’t put much trust in a generation that listens to songs that repeatedly degrade and sexualize women and then gets mad because someone degrades and sexualizes women.. It’s the very same world that gets mad because one candidate is mean and the other is perfect, but then destroys businesses because the mean candidate won.. The very same world that says in the streets, “be kind, be kind,” but is no more kind than the very people they’re screaming at!

It’s not about equality, rights, or race! Truthfully, if you look close enough you’ll see, most of these people would say or do nothing if everyone else around them wasn’t doing it! They’re nothing more than sheep joining the call; chasing after things that they have no understanding of, and screaming at problems around them that they themselves prolong or take part in.

So, I’ll pose this question: What is it that you pursue? Are you pursuing things that can truly make you happy? Are you pursuing things that only give you a temporary feeling of happiness without actually fulfilling you at all? What is more important to you; fitting in with the world around you, or being content with the life that you have? I assure you that there are others in this world who do not have it nearly as good!

Think about this, and ask yourself what is truly valuable to you! Learning that, and then putting into practice the principles and values that can actually build you into a better and happier person will change your life; rather than pursuing things that the world says you need in order to be happy, learn what actually fulfills you and chase after it!

Chase after love; not just romantic love, but love for everyone! Chase after life; not the life that the world says is best but very obviously isn’t getting anyone anywhere! There is a higher road to take, and it does not suffer the lack of joy and fulfillment that the world is so consumed with.

Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness:
Thanks for joining me while I share my thoughts! Have a great day!


– Joshua

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