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Sitting here on the sofa, listening to music, I am struck with sadness for the many who do not understand their value; so many children of God who think so poorly of themselves, and who find it difficult to believe that they have any value at all.

It reminds me of myself, getting lost in the beauty of Lake Superior on the North Shore in Minnesota. My eyes find it hard to grasp the beauty when I’m staring out at the waters, and often when I am out there I find myself thinking of how beautiful it is and I ask myself “If this can be so incredible, how can we not see how beautiful we truly are?”

That may not make much sense, but hear me out. God, Who created everything that we see and cannot see, created such marvelous and astounding things and yet He placed us above all of it! Why would He do that if we were not meant to be more beautiful than all that we see? Why would He do that if we weren’t more beautiful than all that we see, to Him?

He placed such high value on us from the beginning and we so often rob ourselves of that value because we either feel as though we have no value or that we aren’t worth it.. We are worth it! If we were not worth it He would not have died for us so that we, by dying in Him, could be free from what stole our value away from us. If we were not valuable He would not have risen again to give us life and to restore that value to us!

I think of someone very close to me, definitely closer to my heart than any other person on this planet, and how much I wish that they could see their value! I pray that my words will be heard when I tell them how incredible they are and how much they mean to God, and to me!  I find myself crying out for this person, that God will show them just how valuable they are; because if they could see what I see they would have no doubt!

But why does it have to be that way? Why do we allow the flesh to tell us we are ugly, and undesirable, when God Himself became flesh because He desires us?! What is more incredible than that?

That isn’t to say that I haven’t struggled with it! I certainly did at a certain time in my life, and I hated myself for being different. All I ever wanted was to have two hands, having been born without half of my right arm, and I wanted more than anything to be “normal.”

My value was misplaced, and I thought that if I were just normal maybe I could be loved. I just wanted to be loved. It wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I began to see the value that I was truly born into! God put me on my knees in a field, with no one around, and changed my life!

I began to understand that I didn’t need two hands! My God has two strong hands, and His grace is more than enough for me! I began to understand that there had to be so much more to me than I had known before because if the God of the Universe would give his life and rise again for me, then I had to be worth something! To Him, I was worth everything; even His own life!

Why don’t we teach this?! Why do we say so often that, “Christ came because we were dirty, filthy sinners?” He didn’t!! He came because we are so valuable to Him, and He wanted us to see that value! In giving His life, and rising again, not only did He free us from sin but He also returned us to His glory! He didn’t do that because we were filthy and worthless! No! He did that because to Him we are more valuable than gold, more brilliant than diamonds, and more pure than the finest silver!

Why do we keep telling people that they need God because they are unworthy, when He died so that we could see our worth in Him?!

We twist and we skew the Words of God, Who cherishes us enough to have died for us! Why would you die for what you do not love? Why would you love what is not valuable to you? You wouldn’t! You don’t! Because what we love is of the most value to us!

If we keep teaching people that God came to save them because they were worthless sinners, they will continue to believe that is what they are! If we begin teaching them that He came because they are valuable, cherished, and priceless, then they will begin to understand that God created them with value, not without it!

We should be showing them that when He says that He loves us, it is not to be underestimated! He showed us how much! He showed us how valuable we are to Him! Why do we assume that our own opinions of ourselves are any greater than His?

We say that we love Him, but we shame ourselves and say negative things about ourselves! How can we love Him, and not trust Him? How can we say that we love God and not trust that the value He placed on us is true?

Going back to the person whom I love dearly, I very often find myself crying out to God to open their eyes; so that they will see the value He has placed on them! I pray that when they look in the mirror they see something more than someone who cannot see beauty in themselves; rather that they will see a child of God, clothed in brilliance and covered in His glory!

He saved us from sin, freed us from it! He conquered death for us, so that in Him we could have life! He saved us from ourselves too! He set us free from the desire of the flesh to make us feel ugly and unwanted!

I look at the person that I have talked about in this post, and my heart absolutely sinks because I see someone who is more valuable than any treasure on this planet and they cannot see it themselves! I look at her and I ask myself how can she not see how incredible she is? My heart breaks because I see a child of God, who is loved and cherished; whose value is immeasurable and who is far greater than anything I could ever deserve!

How about this.. Instead of telling the children of God that they are ugly, worthless sinners, we start reminding that they are priceless and clothed in glory! It’s not that we deserved it, it’s that even though we didn’t He valued us so much that He did it anyway! If we are so filthy, so ugly, and so worthless then why would He have done that for us? Would you die for something that you do not value? Would you say you would love something that you do not place a very high value on?

We are commanded to “live as He lived,” and told that if we love Him that we should, “live as Jesus lived.”

How did Jesus live? Everywhere He went, no matter who approached Him, He treated them with love! More than that though, He treated them as though they have value! To Him we do! So do not take that away from yourself! Do not tell yourself that you are not valuable, because if Christ Jesus says we are then who are we to say that we aren’t?

Take this with you and think on it for a while! Pray and ask Him to show you just how valuable you are to Him! When He does you will see that He values us beyond comprehension! If the God of the universe values you, then you are truly valuable indeed!

You are beautiful, more beautiful than you can imagine! You are cherished more than you can even comprehend! You are not worthless! You are priceless; more valuable and more beautiful than anything on this planet! Don’t take that away from yourself, because He died and rose again so that value and that beauty could be restored to you!

It isn’t about how many hands we have or don’t have! It isn’t about what we see when we look in the mirror! It isn’t about what we’ve done in the past! It’s about what He did, and why He did it!

He did it because He doesn’t see me without two hands, He sees His Son in me! He did it because when we look in the mirror He sees Himself in us! He did it because, out of all of the things in this universe, we are what He values the most! That is pretty incredible!

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