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Eyes Forward

Gut wrenching. Hard times. Tragedy. Tough break. Raw deal. Bleeding. Agonizing. Sore. Warped. Wounded. No matter how you choose to phrase it, we all experience times that seem to push the very boundaries of our emotions, and cause us pain; whether a loved one dies, a job is lost, troubles in a relationship, or any of the multiple things on the spectrum of what causes distress.

We will always face times that are difficult! It is what you do in those times that will determine the outcome! Will you be indignant or hopeful? It might not be easy to accept the hard truths; like being told something about yourself that you may not have realized, but certainly have to deal with! We never want to hear that we’re wrong but that correction doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when it comes from those that we love!

That is the intent behind the scriptures in PROVERBS 3:11 and 9:8, that we cheerfully accept the corrections given to us. There is a flip side to that though, as we see in PROVERBS 15:12, which talks about how those who are conceited being unappreciative of correction.

What good does it do us to ignore the words of those that are the closest to us and say that they are wrong? Is it because of our own unwillingness to accept the sincere correction of those who love us, and are only trying to bring to our attention those things that we may very well need to work on? Is it because of pride? Could it be because of selfish ambition? I like to think that it is all of these.

Don’t get me wrong! I have not been the best at accepting correction in the past, but this is today and I am not living in the past! It is better to move forward, accepting what it is brought to our attention, and work on it. After all, those who love us will correct us out of love for us, and not to cause us grief! Why push away those who genuinely want to see you be the best that you can?

I have to admit that I have been wrong, very wrong, in a few things and it is hard to hear those words being said— I’m wrong? This whole time I thought I was right.. I truthfully thought I was doing my best.. — the truth is, however, that if you are making others feel a certain way and they bring that to your attention then you are likely in need of a good step back to assess yourself. What’s so bad about doing that? What is so difficult about hearing the correction, taking notice of what is brought to your attention and working on it? Nothing! It is pride, unwillingness, and self-centeredness.

What good does it do us to be umbrageous in any relationship that we have with another person? Whether it is friendship, engagement, or marriage we have a responsibility to hear out those people who love us and treat them with the same love that they show us. Honestly, we do more damage than we know when we forsake the advice and the heartfelt correction of others.

I bet you’re wondering by now, “What does this have to do with any of the words in the beginning of the post?”  Well, this is what it has to do with those words at the beginning of this post: We are often the reason that we feel those things, and not others.

We spend so much time pointing out the wrong in others when they correct us, and no matter how heartfelt it may be we act as though we have to defend ourselves and show them how wrong they are. To tell the truth, that is the absolute worst way to receive any correction that is given!

Speaking candidly, we are generally the cause for our own heartache! It is our own unwillingness to respond with a sense of forbearance to such correction and honest indication of things that we need to work on that tends to lead us into those very words, or the experience of those things rather.

I have to admit that hearing correction for myself was not easy. I did not want to hear that I was being that way, or doing those things, but it is my responsibility to uphold that correction and move forward accordingly! We all have that responsibility! There is no way around it. You can’t cheat the system and somehow work around that responsibility! To try to do so is unfair, and hurtful to those who love us; those who we say that we love.

Accept it, take control of it, overcome it. Push forward, and run the race with endurance! It is up to you to do your part, and if those who correct you love you then you should trust that they will do theirs. Keep your eyes forward and always apply yourself to growing and maturing; whether you are 13 or 70, we should never stop developing. It takes determination and drive! You have to make a serious effort all of the time and not just some of the time.

It isn’t a very hard concept to grasp. We like to make things far more difficult than they are in reality, and blow things out of proportion. The truth is though, that as long as you do your best and receive any correction joyfully you allow the opportunity for growth; setting aside the “me, me, me” attitude and learning to welcome the advice and correction when it is given because more often than not it is given so that you can improve, and not because they are bitter. Face things head on and with fervency! Work hard to overcome those things that cause strife for you and those around you. After all, if you say that you love someone but aren’t willing to hear them out, then you really aren’t showing much love. Though you may truthfully love them, the words require action as well.

Instead of being umbrageous, which means to be easily offended, try being more open to those who love you when they correct you. Hear them out and take their words to heart, chances are that they’re doing so out of love. If they are seeing it or feeling it then it is likely an issue that requires attention and deliberate effort on our part. We have a serious obligation to listen to them and to accept what they are saying!

Love those who love you, love those who don’t! Love to the fullest, and do not ruin what is a blessing to have. You will regret it. It is far better to be joyful in all things, even correction, than to lose what you have for the sake of pride.

For the sake of those you love, and for yourself, keep your eyes forward! Grow, mature, and do not look back! Allow them to speak and to express what it is that they are trying to express without being so critical about everything all of the time! Learn to be less absorbed with yourself and have an open mind, and an open heart, when they come to you to discuss things like that. It is better that we swallow our pride and admit that we are wrong, so that we can grow, than it is to suffer because of conceit and self-glorification.

I’ll close this now, just wanted to get my thoughts out. Hopefully this post is helpful, but if you do not need correction in this then I hope that it was at least a good read. Have a great night!

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