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Experiencing God

I’m sitting here on the sofa in the basement, as I write this post, so separate from everything outside; apart from everyone and everything that I love, just taking in life.

“How did I get here?” is one of the many thoughts that are flooding through my mind.. “How am I at this place in life? How am I sitting here, so alone and so without?”

The flesh will do anything to keep us distracted from God, and I think that we often forget that we are actually at war with ourselves! We tend to not think about things that He said, like how “the Spirit wars against the flesh, and the flesh against the Spirit, and these two are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you want,” and we forget that it is an actual thing that we have to deal with.

I want to experience joy, my spirit craves it, but my flesh is weak; that is something that I feel we tend to overlook. The Spirit in me is fighting against my own fleshly desire to mope around and wallow in pain. Aren’t we all there at some point? Do we really have to be? He came to set us free, and He said that “if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” If we are truly free, why are we still bound to so many things that bring us down?

The answer, as I had discussed in the video I posted earlier today, is that when we focus on those things and not on God it does become harder to experience all that He has for us; whether joy, love, peace, rest, or freedom. He has come to set us free, not to keep us bound to things that cause us harm, but to defeat those things!

We spend so much time being intimate with the world and give ourselves over to things that God tells us He came to separate us from, and then we wonder why we feel the way that we do when we feel without Him.

It is time that we learned to be intimate with God, to have a relationship that goes so far beyond Sunday and Wednesday, but that is alive within us all of the time! Intimacy is a very important thing in our relationship with our God!

I am not speaking about physical intimacy, of course, but Spiritual intimacy. We should crave Him more, and seek Him more, listen to Him and seek Him “as buried treasure,” and search for Him “as you would for silver.” Instead we restrict Him certain times in our lives, when He has told us that He came to be our life!

When we put God in a place that removes our Spiritual intimacy with Him, we will see our relationship with Him struggle and we will feel alone or without Him because we are doing something that He told us not to do; quenching the Spirit, like a flame, and a flame that is quenched will go out.

We can find this verse in (1 THESSALONIANS 5:19), and it says those words exactly, “Do not quench the Spirit.” 

I love the word it uses in the Berean Study Bible, saying “Do not extinguish the Spirit.” Do not extinguish, snuff out, smother, stamp out, suffocate, do not put out the Spirit. Those words are so amazing.. That He understood that we would battle within ourselves and told us to be careful not to put out the Spirit, breaks my heart.. How could I suffocate the Spirit in me? I have, we all have at one point or another, and how often do we even consider that we are?

God, however, is patient and allows us to practice and grow! We have to make the effort, but He will reward it! If we would only give Him the time, and go be quiet and just crave Him! If we would just sit alone, quiet our minds, and be open to Him we would experience Him in a way that is more personal than we ever have; when we allow Him to fill us!

When we put ourselves in a place that is absent of everything, even ourselves, and is simply hungry for God, He will fill us! When we allow Him to be our life and our love we will experience Him in His fullness and He will alter the course of our minds! He will change us, through and through, and give us life and joy that we can’t even comprehend!

I will tell you that there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more incredible in this life than losing yourself and being full of God! He is love, hope, power, truth, justice, happiness, peace, rest, satisfaction, and everything that we are not! When we empty ourselves of the things that make us up and let Him become what determines who we are, the way that we see life will be completely altered! We will be made whole, complete, and we will lack nothing because the fullness of God is enough to fill even the greatest void!

Be patient! Don’t try to rush it, and grow beyond what you able to produce! Learn, practice, but don’t get ahead of yourself or you will cause yourself to stumble! God gives much grace and is patient with us; because of this we need to learn to be patient, forgiving ourselves and looking to Him, Who is “the Author and the Finisher of our faith.” It is Him Who makes us whole, not we ourselves!

It may not happen overnight, or in a week or a month, and maybe not even in a year, but do not give up! Keep pushing forward! “Run with endurance the race God has set before us.” (HEBREWS 12:1) Don’t give up! Press forward, and keep your eyes on God, Who is more than able where we are not!

Have faith, and trust in Him! Don’t just need God, require Him!! Set it in yourself that you cannot live without Him, and you will not have to! Learn to understand that He is truthfully all that fulfills us in this life and that without Him this life has no value!

Get lost in God! Go, be alone with Him and cherish Him! Adore and admire Him! Crave Him, hunger intensely for Him! Honestly want to have a relationship with your Father, with your Savior, and with His Spirit Who lives in you! Feed that relationship, and tend to it! Let Him what defines you, and you WILL experience the fullness of God in your life; you will know the many things that He has in store for you!

I pray that you are blessed by this, and I urge you seek Him diligently; make a serious effort! He will keep His promises!

I am always here to talk, answer questions, and pray for anyone who may need it! Feel free to email here on the blog:, or message me on Facebook, I am always glad to answer any question or pray if you need it!

Have a blessed day, and a joyful week!

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