No Greater Love

It sounds odd to say, calling love dirty. Love is the opposite of dirty, right? Actually, that statement is more incorrect than it is correct! Love is not afraid to get dirty, to reach into places that others will not, and to pull those in need out of the filth of this world!

Love is not afraid to bleed, to claw at the foundations of this world at its own expense and pull out the helpless and the broken!

Love is not just driving force in our lives, it is the driving force of our lives; urging us ever forward, to do more, to be more, to fulfill more!

I love the scripture in PROVERBS 27:17, because it speaks as a testament to this, saying that “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” To take that truth even farther, we are commanded to “love your neighbor as yourself,” (MARK 12:31) and so because “God is love” (1 JOHN 4:8) To put it simply, to live in love is to live in God, and to live without love is to live without God — quite literally what the scripture in 1 JOHN 4:8 is saying — because love is the very foundation that our salvation, faith, and life with Christ are built upon!

Love is a powerful and effective force in our lives, that can have a profound affect in the lives of others through us; as iron sharpens iron! We are called to be there for others, to strengthen and uplift them, to comfort them and give them hope, no matter what we may face!

Love, in its truest form is sacrificial! It does not care for the things of itself, but is an actual tangible force in our lives that works for the benefit of others! God IS love, and Christ IS the living example of that love; so then, if Christ is in us, we are called to be a living example as well! He did say that we are “crucified with Christ..” and that it is not us who lives but Christ Who lives in us (GALATIANS 2:20) It is not by our own desire, opinion, emotion, or anything of ourselves that we live, but by Christ in us!

Even Christ Himself said, when being tempted by the devil, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God'”

When we are born again, we are born into power; power that is meant to be evident in us and through us, and a power that is wholly dependent upon Him to be fulfilled in us! This power is the result of the love of God toward us, in that by His grace we are freed from the bondage of the world and opened up to His Spirit, Who is the indwelling power of God in us!

As I said in a Facebook live video earlier, whether it is helping someone to pay for their groceries or pulling someone from a burning car or building, love is the force that makes the power and the truth of God evident in us to the world! It IS what reveals Him to the world; not only a gift, but a tool to be used by us to make Him apparent where He previously was not known, and to fulfill the needs of others in the process!

This life is only temporary, and like a vapor it will fade. Why waste time not applying the love that we are born into in our lives, and toward others, when we could be a powerful force for the kingdom of our God on this Earth in the time that we have?

We may not lead millions to Christ, but you can make a very tangible and unfathomable difference in the life of one or a few which is no small thing!!

I urge you, and implore you to put the love of God into practice in your lives! Not just some days, but every day! Not only in the big things, but in the smallest of things as well! Even in those moments where it seems pointless to even make an effort, make one!

Whether it is just forgiving someone who has done you or someone you know wrong, or just changing the way that you talk about people, or maybe even changing the way that you think of people; small things can have a great impact too, because they may or may not know that they are wrong, but we are always able to apply love, no matter how right or wrong they are!

Maybe even stop for an extra second to let someone go at an intersection, or let someone cut in front of you in line at the coffee shop! These things may seem small and pointless, but putting the small things into practice will help you to grow into the bigger things!

Do not get ahead of yourself and try to grow beyond your current position, but rather learn to apply love in your current position and as you grow you will thrive no matter where you are, or what situation you are in! When we live out the love of God, we live in God, and His Spirit enables us in all things to do all things; He did say that! “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me!” (PHILIPPIANS 4:13) and that “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.” (ROMANS 8:28)

If He has called us to something, He will ensure that we are able to fulfill that thing! He does! Let the love of God be effective in your life, not just for you but through you! Allow His Spirit to be what guides you, and live fully in His will; which is to love Him with ALL that you are, and to love others! Do this, and you will see that it not only will have a profound affect on your life, but on the lives of those around you as well!

Live in love, keep the faith, and run the race with endurance; never giving up, but always pressing forward, wholly dependent upon God to fulfill you! God bless you all!

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